Artists a-gathering

Gippslandia #18 has a page about the project and some of the great puppets by Jeannie and Amy

The Live WELL-COME Share project is in a very exciting phase – I’m in the process of responding to the expressions of interest submitted by local artists. The diversity is such a thrill! Poets, Psychedelia, Prosthetics, Puppets… and more. The project is evolving, and what results from this process is hard to predict. You might have seen our page in the current Gippslandia edition (get your digital copy here). If you have a great idea as a facilitating artist, or you have a community group that could love an artistic story-telling project, make contact!

The artist works alone…

Do you work alone?

The project has huge potential to inspire local artists. I find one of the difficulties about working in my own art practice is the sense of isolation. On the one hand, the isolation and solitary stillness is essential to creating art that is from my own voice. But on the other hand, the camaraderie of meeting with other artists creates a lively brain. The ‘play’ when trying a different medium is a creative challenge that can crystallise my method in my preferred medium.

Try a new thing on us!

Once each Creative Node is begun, local artists and creatives can participate in the group. They can create their own stories, guided by the leadership of the facilitating Artist, using materials they didn’t have to fund themselves. This ‘skillshare’ between artists has great potential to invigorate the whole Creative Node. The project can only fund 10 facilitating artists as leaders. BUT – there is an opportunity to try different artistic processes at very low, or no cost.

Trav Hendrick’s Sugar Glider original character


Jeannie Haughton, (with Amy Robson) has been working on the creation of the puppets from the story ‘Uno’s Garden’. This is thanks to a limited copyright licence given by Graeme Base, the author and illustrator. Hannah Comrie-Weston will contribute sound (hear her work with Sarah Brown and Sarah Vasiliades here), and Lauren Murphy has been working to digitise the puppet’s movements, and Trav Hendrick has contributed some of his original characters to round out the story. The current members of the node will create a short animated film to screen locally. The shared intention is to promote a balance between the real need for housing, with the crucial importance of maintaining natural ecosystems. Uno’s Garden: Drouin’s Trees will also provide some sessions in creating sets from reclaimed materials for the puppets to inhabit – where in Drouin would YOU looking for a snortlepig?

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